Find KetoSens at KetoCon 2022

Find KetoSens at KetoCon 2022

Find KetoSens at KetoCon 2022, the world’s largest conference dedicated to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. KetoCon is the biggest conference focused solely on the science and stories of keto where medical professionals, scientists, researchers, dietitians, and more get together to help people utilize ketogenic diet as a means to better their health and lives. This year, KetoCon will be held in Austin, Texas from July 8th – 10th.

At KetoCon, you can meet like-minded people, share health goals, learn strategies for success, and gather information you need to achieve your goals. KetoCon is a great opportunity for you to meet diverse keto experts and expand your knowledge and understanding of the ketogenic diet.

During KetoCon, KetoSens will be there to answer any questions you have about our products! Make sure to come visit our booth for games, giveaways, and prizes!”



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