You can control your diabetes! (T2D)

You can control your diabetes! (T2D)

Unlike type 1 diabetes, you can manage type 2 diabetes through changes in your lifestyle.

Medication – In addition to managing type 2 diabetes via physical activity and a healthy diet, some may need to take medication in the form of pills or injections.

Weight loss – A weight loss of 5% – 10% of your body weight can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering your A1c levels.

Healthy diet – Food intake would need to be closely monitored by avoiding high-carb foods. Fiber, fat, and salt would also need to be monitored in order to prevent further complications of diabetes. Start by talking to a registered dietitian to help plan your meals.

Physical activity – Physical activity is crucial in not only helping with weight loss but also helping your cells effectively use insulin. Exercising can lower blood sugar levels and help your muscles use glucose. To manage your blood sugars better, you can measure your blood sugar level before and after physical activity.

Although you cannot cure diabetes, you can better manage your blood glucose levels with medication, a healthier diet, and physical activity.



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