R&D Portfolio


i-SENS, Inc. is a rapidly growing high-tech company with proprietary technologies in developing diverse diagnostic sensors and the know-how for commercialization purposes. Advanced immunosensor technologies and electrochemical sensor technologies have been developed by the excellent R&D personnel of i-SENS, and related intellectual property rights have been secured for immediate commercialization.

New products are scheduled to be launched in the market from our platform technologies and i-SENS is trying to expand its business capability in conjunction with several global partners.

Current research projects and products in the pipeline :

Blood Gas Analyzer

  • Compact blood gas analyzer for measuring electrolytes, gases, and metabolites in blood
  • Sensors and reagents enclosed in a cartridge for easy maintenance
  • PC based instrument with local language support, and voice service
  • User friendly software with HIS/LIS connectivity

(HbA1c) Analyzer based on Enzyme Technology

In order to meet increasing needs for diabetic monitoring, we designed a whole new diagnostic platform based on our proprietary enzyme technology. For the first time in the world, enzyme based HbA1c assay is being realized in a disposable all-in-one cartridge type analytical system combined with spectrophotometric detection. We aim to bring this system to market with high precision and accuracy.

Immunosensing Platform for Point-of-Care Test of Cardiac Markers

A portable diagnostic platform for quantification of cardiac markers in blood samples equipped with immunosensing system is being developed based on i-SENS’ advanced sensor technology. This product is primarily designed for high precision and cost efficiency, which fulfill hospital’s need for diagnosis and monitoring of patients with cardiovascular disease.

Biosensors for diverse Biochemical metabolites

Biosensors for detecting metabolites such as ketone bodies is under development based on i-SENS’ glucose sensing technologies.