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  • [KEEP CALM AND KETO ON] – The KetoSens Blood Ketone Monitor is excellent and optimal for people on Keotgenic Diet. KetoSens lets you accurately manage your Blood Ketone Level quickly and easily.
  • [RESULTS IN SECONDS] – Only a 0.5 microliter blood droplet is needed and provides reading in ONLY 8 Seconds. The leading competitor requires almost twice the droplet size and takes 20% longer to provide a test result.
  • [COMPLETE PACKAGE] – This Starter Kit provides everything you need to begin your keto monitoring. The starter kit includes 1 KetoSens Ketone Blood Testing Meter, 10 Test Strips, 10 Lancets, Lancing Device, 2 Batteries, and a Carrying Case. CONTROL SOLUTION IS NOT A CALIBRATION TOOL. It is only a self quality control testing tool that users may purchase separately to self-test if in doubt that the system is not working properly.
  • [LEADING TECHNOLOGY] – The Ketone Meter features a large 2.5 inch negative LCD display. Easy to Read under any circumstance. Also Features a Strip Ejector, allowing users to discard used strips without touching it. KetoSens does NOT require code chips, which you never have to wait for calibration.

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Features & Benefits
  • Blood 𝛽-ketone measurement
  • 2.5″ auto back-lighted LCD
  • Strip ejection button
  • Strip expiration date indicator
  • 3 time-set alarms
Sample Type Fresh capillary & venous whole blood
Enzyme HBDH
Sample Size 0.5 μL
Measurement Time 8 seconds
Measurement Range 0.1-8.0 mmol/L
Hematocrit 20-55%
Dimension 106 x 58 x 17 mm
Weight 71.8 g
Calibration Method Auto-coding
Strip Type KetoSens® Strip
Memory 1,000 test results
Power Source Two 3.0V lithium batteries (CR2032)
Battery Life 3,000 tests
Operating Temperature 50-104°F (10-40°C)
Strip Storage Temperature 39-86°F (4-30°C)
Operating Humidity 10-90%
Strip Shelf Life 18 months from manufacturing date
Communication USB


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