CEO’s Message

i-SENS will ceaselessly do its best to become a world class bio-company that will help achieve man’s healthy lifestyle through research and developing diagnostic product with state-of-the-art technology.


Hello, I am Dr. Geun Sig Cha, CEO of i-SENS.

First of all, I would like to thank all of our customers and shareholders for visiting our website.

i-SENS, Inc., a company that started with six researchers in a small laboratory in May 2000, is continuously thriving to become a world class bio-company and now employs hundreds of people. I-SENS, Inc. has successfully developed and secured state-of-the-art technology while implementing production and quality control system through constant investment overcoming the hardships of difficult economic environment. In the meantime, i-SENS was also able to secure and train high quality personnel as well.

Over the last ten years, i-SENS, Inc. has entered the advanced markets such as the US, Europe and Japan by developing and manufacturing blood glucose monitoring system while operating a world class production line. i-SENS, Inc. has also focused into developing the next generation blood analyzers and immunosensor devices, etc… As a result, i-SENS’ technology has been recognized by obtaining certificates by the US FDA, European CE and Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and is showing promising potential in the world.

In order to fulfill i-SENS’ vision of “Realization of technology to safeguard healthy lifestyle,” i-SENS, Inc. will continue to secure and train high quality personnel while pursuing the development of “Core Technology”

In addition, since i-SENS’ growth and success is owed to the attention and passion of our customers and shareholders, everyone at i-SENS will relentlessly advance to be one of the most loved and respected company.

I ask all of our customers and shareholders for their continuous support.